Your stay is now worth miles

Every time you stay at a SANA Hotel, you can earn air miles on your TAP Victoria card.

SANA Hotels and TAP have joined forces so that you always come out a winner from your stay.

Who can use air miles

Member/holder of a TAP VICTORIA card who makes:

  • a reservation made directly with the hotel (via our site, direct e-mail, telephone or at the reception);
  • a payment for services on check out using a credit card, debit card or cash;
  • a corporate reservation, so long as the payment is made on check out;
  • Reservations via other organisations cannot accrue air miles (via travel agents, online booking agencies or others)

Which services can accrue air miles

All services provided by the hotel can accrue air miles:

  • Accommodation
  • F&B
  • SPA
  • Other services provided by the hotel

What is the benefit for a TAP Victoria cardholder

Standard: For every Euro spent in the hotel (VAT-free) you earn 1 mile (1 Euro = 1 mile);

Deadline for claiming air miles

TAP Victoria cardholders can claim miles for services up to 6 months after their use.